The art of keeping cool, 300,000 & 10 cents goal and taxi taxi where are you?

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I am happy this evening. There are several reasons behind. First one is the fact that I was able to complete a topic which was supposed to be published a few days before. Although the idea was there in my mind for this long, the flow of thoughts was not there. I was able to post it and email you that yesterday.

The second one was the fighting performance of the Indian Team in the 6th One Day International match at Oval stadium in England. Indian Team played excellent cricket and kept their cool till the last over. Sachin Tendulkar and Saurav Ganguly played well to give India a good start and took India into to a comfort zone. It was sad to see Tendulkar getting out in the 90s for the second time in this series. Those who play cricket, competitive cricket knows the feeling and hard work required to make those many runs. However, it was Robin Uthappa, who was the hero of the game for India. Not many times, we see players showing the guts to attack at times of crisis and he showed that he has tremendous determination in him. Each of his shots were examples of it. Power, placement and guts. This is what we lacked in the games before and which was there in this game through Uthappa today. Not even for a second, he showed panic in his eyes and throughout it was glowing with optimism and focus. Well done Uthappa. You set the series to a thriller and we all look forward now to the final match of the series at the Lords stadium. I am sure that there is one person who is waiting patiently to play in that game. It is none other than Sreesanth. I feel he will get the opportunity to play in that crucial game. It is also my wish to see many active people within the team than docile ones. It is my gut feeling and I am waiting to see that happen. It’s a place where the ball seems and I am sure he will be able to utilise the situation, keeps his cool and do establish a permanent position in the team if given this opportunity. Saurav Ganguly also deserves extra praise in his determination and fighting spirit. What a come back he has made from his time of elimination to now! With the bat and the ball, he is showing leading examples to all youngsters. In one of the matches, his bowling average at one stage were looking like 7 overs 4 maiden 3 runs and 2 wickets or something like that. Well done, you set the right example to all those who get sidelined at times due to various reasons and remind them that if you stay focussed, victory will be yours. If not today, definitely tomorrow.

300,000 and 10 cents goal

I was writing about the status of Indian Football team members in comparison with the cricketers in my write up of yesterday. Just read that the Kerala government has awarded Rs.300,000 and 10 cents of lands for the striker of Indian team N. Pradeep for his Nehru Cup winning goal in the tournament final. That is a good sign. But it should not remain there. We should promote all other games so that more and more youth get interested to come out and participate in competitive sports.

Taxi, taxi where are you?

The taxi problems and my pursuit to find a solution for Abu Dhabi road users continues…. If you wish to support me in this, log on to Gulf News ( page and express your own comments. Pass it on to any of your colleagues or friends who is experiencing this situation these days while coming and going to office. If we don’t express our problems, no one will realise it.

God Bless and have a great day,

Ramesh Menon

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