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Some people deserve to be mentioned for their dedication and loyalty. And we normally tend to give long service awards to such members to appreciate their efforts and support. I felt it should be the case for animals too. I am not an ardent fan or supporter of Maneka Gandhi’s animal protection movement where she conveninently close her eyes when it comes to matters related to rich and when it comes to middle class or poor where stray dogs attacking children and killing them in Bangalore – 6th such incident happened recently – and coming out with support for them and not allowing the authorities to take actions against. Result – bikers have to fear, small children and families – especially with infants have to fear for these dogs. As long as we do not react, everything is possible – in India and elsewhere.

Coming back to our Loyal Member, I happened to meet him at a friends house. I was very much impressed – 30 years + – he has been with them and still continuing his affection, support and loyalty. Look at his eyes, he has so many stories to tell you – and will pass on them to you through our Jaaju Jaaju section very soon.

Congrats man, may God bless you to have some more years of peaceful and dutiless life in this world.

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