Sreesanth syndrome – the continuation

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I don’t know why, he is one player, who comes into my column very often. A few weeks ago I had mentioned about this player of our Indian Cricket team and his style of taking God and rituals into the playing field when he is required to perform. I bring this point again looking at the news space he is getting once again – somehow or other. When Indian Cricket Team has been selected for playing in Ireland, it should have had made a simple logic – that any normal person would have taken – to take precautions about the Irish Weather and playing conditions and keep the players fit enough to go out and play while in Ireland. 6 or 7 players out of the 15 member squad is out of action for the 2nd One day international shows the amount of preparation our Team Management and Cricket Board does with these high profile players. I know it is easy to criticise than make things happen. But how many times we see this situation when teams like Australia, England or West Indies come out to play in India during extreme summer? Coming back again and continuing what I wrote about Sreesanth last time – one more country stamp in his passport, without playing in full. BRAVO. I know he will get to read this column and hence it’s an open challenge to perform and prove otherwise.

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