Welcome to e-world of Ramesh Menon

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Dear Friends,

Welcome to the infinite world of thoughts and ideas. A small spark, some time give rise to large & wild fires. Let your imagination, creativity, writing skills, intelligence freak out. Come on in, and share your views favoring and against, what you see around. Let you and me and every one who surrounds us deal each task with a quality perspective. The touch of you should mean Quality and Positivity, that would bring fear in your critics. Let that be your attitude.

Sincere thanks to Mr. Mohan Ayyar for bringing the suggestion to creat a blog.

Let God’s Grace Prevail,

Ramesh Menon

One thought on “Welcome to e-world of Ramesh Menon

    gans said:
    June 13, 2007 at 7:30 am


    Hi Ramesh,

    This is great having created blog for Team1, forum could possibly grow more than the expected pace.

    My sincere wishes to you and appreciate your consistentcy of approach on the preferred task !

    Keep up your good work mate…
    My wishes and god bless !

    Ganesh Mannar


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