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Never Take things for Granted

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A photo provided by friend from Oman – disasters takes place unexpectedly. It is up to us to recover from it and how fast we get going towards our set path and goals.

Heavy rains

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The umbrella is for the mahout or the elephant?. Both ways, it’s raining heavily. Where are the photos……………..?

On your way – a display on a shop window in Abu Dhabi Hamdan Street

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Dear Members,

Many times during our hectic schedules we come across several funny things which will act as a refresher. This ad display at one of the shop in the main Hamdan Street in Abu Dhabi is one of them. You may find many during in your day’s running around. Do not hesitate to pass on. May be the artist who drew this poster was also rushing from one job to another and missed something very important. Many times, we too do the same – Missing something valuable for NOTHING.

Find beauty & humour in everything. Enjoy life as it is. Have a great day.

Ramesh Menon