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The Sound of Rain

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It was rain, rain and more rain wherever I went. Coming from 45+ degrees it was a great relief and enjoyment to see the rain continuously. As usual the small pond in my garden greeted us with a beautiful lotus flower.

Aided by the problems to logon to the net as per wish and plan, it became a real holiday and opportunity to explore the country side through the eyes of my camera. Enjoy some of the pictuers, rest of them – a huge collection will come to you in due course.

As I write to you these, I hear The sound of Rain – wish it rains here too.

Shy to come out

Due to the heavy rain and weather, the sun was very shy to come out.

No vision

It was really difficult to drive around.

Family Tree

When I saw this tree at Bangalore, I really thought about the family tree – the good old days where every one joins the father and mother or the elders and live together. Now a days, we are all too busy that no time for our own things – so where is the time for thinking about the near and dear!!!

Natures Canvas

With rain around, the sun set at Bangalore also portrayed a very scenic sky.

It was as if I brought the rain along with me from Kerala to Bangalore. The evening sky at Kemp Fort area with rain round the corner was similar to a painting which we all had seen and forgotten recently.

Ant & Snake homes

Bangalore is one place where you still get to see many ant and snake architectural houses or sculptures. The religious belief amongst the residence have retained at least some of them even though for a shorter period before they are demolished for construction purpose – either a posh villa or a high rise building.

More later

Travelling in Rain

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It’s rain rain and more rain. But enjoying it. Thanks to Microsoft Vistas, I am totally cut off with all connectivity solutions – Reliance network, Airtel, BSNL – all are yet to come up with patch files to connect to the internet using Vistas on laptop. But it’s good fun, and some rest away from mails. Till I get hooked on to the net again, enjoy some rain with me.

Everyone Works Hard For a Living !!!

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This was a one liner gem from my CEO friend this morning….. I told him, good, I have an opportunity to portray some of the actions I captured during my journey around.

Rain rain go away

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It’s rain, rain and more rain every where. Here are some photos.

Advertisements at its best

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Our Bangalore team member Mr. Shanawas send me these. We all know that it is very difficult to capture the attention of consumers. Many times we glance through newspaper ads in full page, color and promising words. The cost for releasing such ads may go into thousands of Rupees or Dirhams. But they never remain in our mind or heart and fail to generate the intended results. However, many other times we see a small insert getting into the hearts of millinos.

This is one item that I was looking forward to, the Art of Presenting things in the right way within the right space and time. Here they are – some of the successful ones during year 2006.

Of course, you can revisit our Saturday Special news to imagine the value of time, space, content and deciding NO when it is required to – I am learning more about it by each week.

You will also see in due course some of the ones which failed to generate the results.

The four blessed looks

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A nice post by Vijay Kumar, please read on

The four blessed looks:

Look back and thank God.
Look forward and trust God.
Look around and serve God.
Look within and find God!”

“I asked God, ‘How do I get the best out of life?’

God said, ‘Face your past without regrets. Handle your present with confidence. And prepare for the future without fear!'”

“Without God, our week is: Mournday, Tearsday, Wasteday, Thirstday,Fightday, Shatterday and Sinday. So, allow Him to be with you every day!”

Life is short, so forgive quickly. Believe slowly. Love truly.
Laugh uncontrollably. Never regret anything that makes you happy.

Have a wonderful journey of life!

God bless!

Easy way

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This is a new way someone tried the other day. In the FM they said, Take it Easy and he just followed………

Forgotten Mail

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Communication is a very important factor to keep alive Team work. It is the same in personal life too. With the advent of internet, mobile and the latest 3G technology PDA phones, Mail Boxes have become a history. How many of you write a letter or send a post card these days? The condition of this mail box in one of the street here tells you the number of users it has..

Reflections of Rain

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It’s raining heavily back home and getting the smell of it here. Not a recent one, but taken WHEN IT RAINED HERE IN ABU DHABI LAST YEAR. We too get one or two days of rain every year.