Covid 2019 – How to keep your car healthy during lockdown?

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It is never easy for a social and public person like me to stay indoors. But it has been a great experience. One thing is more care for the family and also for our personal belongings. That thought brought me to go out, of course keeping in mind hashtagsocialdistancing and see how my cars are doing?

My car is always parked outside. And there was rain one day and another day sand storm and followed by foggy morning on another day!. The weather here is unpredictable!. It was not a good sight and sound (when I started the engine after several days).

I did a thorough personal check and cleaning and back home checked online the precautions to be taken during such a long lock down to our cars.

Presenting to you my findings in the form of a presentation. Share it, if you feel it is of value to your contacts.

Personal request to all is to show signs here that you are all there. Wave and show your presence. It is only physical lock down and there is no dearth for creativity.

staysafe and stayathome bettertogether and standtogether here!

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