IIT Roorkee develops low-cost ventilator to fight against Coronavirus

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IIT Roorkee develops low-cost ventilator to fight against Coronavirus!! The closed-loop ventilator “Prana-Vayu” developed in collaboration with AIIMS, does not require compressed air and is useful when hospital wards and open areas are converted into ICUs. The ventilator is based on the controlled operation of the prime mover to deliver the required amount of air to the patient. The automated process controls the pressure and flow rates in the inhalation and exhalation lines. The ventilator will be useful for a wide degree of congestion in the respiratory tract and is applicable for all age group patients, especially the elderly. Great. Join with us to congratulate Akshay Dvivedi, Arup Kumar Das and team. Team IIT Roorkee deserve a big round of applause.


Source: #LinkedIn  – The EvXprts Foundation

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