Fruitful thoughts – Short Take – Gulf Today Dt 13 June 2015

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Fruitful thoughts

Fruitful thoughts
Fruitful thoughts

To be in the presence of some people is a blessing as they come out with precious thoughts and words that remain everlasting and highly motivating. The other day, I got a repeat chance to be with one such person, Sultan Al Hajji.

After an official function, I was lucky to get a drive back home with him. Several topics came up and at some point of time our talks focused on gardening.

It reminded me of my childhood when we used to plant seeds of coconut, jackfruit and saplings of precious trees like teak or sandalwood in our farms.

There were no campaigns those days to promote environment. Our ancestors were visionaries and they knew the importance of plants and trees and made it a point that children have to play a big role in preserving the wealth of nature.

The acts done those days with a bit of curiosity and compulsion were forgotten over a period of time. We used to even name those trees we planted with our own pet names or names of heroes.

Our talks became emotional and he agreed with me and showed his little garden where the plants are young and growing. People like him who value nature’s wealth for the next generation are rare.

It is holiday time once again and we need to utilise time with children and instil in their minds the importance of preserving nature.

Ramesh Menon

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