Road Safety and Self Discipline

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Road Safety and Self Discipline
Road Safety and Self Discipline

This evening, I was casually looking through the windows down to the busy street of Abu Dhabi. Down to my building was a busy junction and vehicles passed to all side without any interruption. After watching a few minutes, I noticed one thing. Each time the signal turns red, the drivers tend to maintain a safe distance from the pedestrian crossings!. I thought it was a one-off instance. My curiosity lead me to observe the flow of traffic for some more time. Each time the signal turned red, I found the vehicles maintaining a safe distance for pedestrians! Isn’t nice to see this and term it as a success of the sustained effort of Abu Dhabi Police authorities to maintain a safe road! Sincere appreciation and wish if the same attitude was maintained by all on highways too! Each day, when we read the newspaper, there are reports of accidents due to speeding. A minute of careless attitude to safety of self and others on the road resulting in dangerous situation which may be fatal or lifelong. How we can make things better was the thought that crossed my mind. More efforts required to make self discipline on the road a mandatory priority at all times. Remember, “Safety First” and think “Safety for Me, Safety for You, Safety for All” when you are driving.

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