Campaign – Clean up your medicine chest

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Keep only medicines with valid expiry period.
Recently, I was taking part in a campaign organised by Volunteers in the UAE to pack the relief goods collected for Nepal Earthquake support.
With pharmaceutical background, I took up the role to sort out the medicines received. Not much of donations had come in. Majority of the items were new, useful under the circumstances and with long expiry dates. However, what alarmed me was some people’s callous manner to empty their medicine chest for this purpose. Many items of such donation contained near expiry or expired medicines! 
It is understandable, people are busy and many are ignorant of the consequences of taking expired medicines.
This brought out a thought in my mind about the unused medicines lying in the medicine chest at my home too.  Many times medicines prescribed are not consumed in full.
Today, I found some time to clear them and this is the quantity cleared, not usable and expired.
I thought of sharing this thought with you.
Why not devote a few minutes during this weekend to clear medicine chest at your home too.

I am sure, you will save some space, avoid children/elders taking medicines already expired.
Ramesh Menon, Abu Dhabi
Saturday, 23 May 2015

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