Brand power: Total unveils ad campaign in 21 nations

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French energy giant Total SA does not consider itself a leading energy brand.
The name suffers from “a significant lack of recognition in a number of countries that are critical to the development of Total’s current and future operations”, according to Jacques Emmanuel Saulnier, who sits on the company’s Management Committee.
In a bid to rectify this, the company has launched an international multimedia advertising campaign simultaneously in 21 countries. 
The campaign highlights Total’s operations in oil production, refining and marketing, as well as its role as a major player in natural gas.
“Total has decided to invest over the long term to develop its brand awareness and create a more powerful brand that can support our businesses more effectively,” said Saulnier, who is the Senior Vice-President, Corporate Communications.
Saulnier, who reports to Chairman and Chief Executive Christophe de Margerie, told BusinessLine on the phone from France that the last ad campaign was in 2008.
The budget then was of €24 million , and the campaign was aimed at 11 countries.
The company has already invested €50 million (around ₹388 crore) this year.
“For the print and online advertisement, we will adjust for the next waves, depending on the results,” he said, adding the poster campaign in most airports is permanent.
The multimedia campaign would feature a commercial that would air on TV, across 80 channels in 16 countries, and the Internet over six-week waves over the next three years.
In a few months, a ‘recruitment’ spin-off of the campaign would debut in the print media and on the Web. It would target occupational groups that are critical to Total, such as drilling specialists, technologists and line managers, said Saulnier.
The global corporate campaign would also include the new brand baseline: ‘Committed to better energy’.
India focus
Speaking about the importance of India in Total’s marketing and promotional efforts, Saulnier said: “India needs to be present in the company’s development strategy for the future, as per India’s economic growth. 
Today, Total’s operations in India include marketing and services, gas and power, new energies and refining and chemicals.”
Adding that Total India’s Technical Centre signalled the firm’s commitment to better energy in the Asia-Pacific region, Saulnier said Total has been active in India since 1993.
(This article was published on October 5, 2014)

(Courtesy: BusinessLine)

Brand power: Total unveils ad campaign in 21 nations | Business Line
Article courtesy: AMRITA NAIR-GHASWALLA 

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