Thank you – Kadugodi Pedestrian Overbridge Cleaning Campaign

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Thank you – Kadugodi Pedestrian Overbridge Cleaning Campaign

Dear all,
Kadugodi Pedestrian Overbridge Cleaning Campaign – Saturday, 4th October 2014
We Did It! Thanks to the support of all those who volunteered, we did a campaign to clean the pedestrian overbridge at Kadugodi, Whitefield Bangalore. Starting at 09:30, it took us 3:30 hours to complete the job. Sincere thanks to Amit Das, Jayanth Bhat, Deepika Jayanth Bhat, Rajashree Menon and Suraj Menon. Of course, a respectable mention and thanks to Sri Anand Sivaram, Manager, Whitefield Railway Station and staff of Kadugodi Police Station.

It was an experience of a special kind. We received “Thank you”, “Good Job” and also Thumbs up sign from many who used the bridge during the time we were cleaning. It was nice to see some unknown people, readily volunteering and took the broom from our side and did cleaning for some time and then continuing to their work. As a coin has two sides, there were those who passing negative comments!.

It is just a beginning only.
Now, we need a few things in place:
1. BBMP support to keep the area neat and clean and fine those who post notices or flex boards on it.
2. If BBMP cannot maintain the bridge, a provision to handover it to the Railways, who are willing to keep the area safe and clean. (item 1 and 2 are my next objective).

3. About 20 dust bins to be kept on each corners of it (if anyone interested to volunteer and provide – welcome – need your help – any volunteers!).

4. During the campaign, I happened to discover a bigger issue issue that is happening in the area, which is not known to many. The toilets of the BMTC bus station are overflowing. BMTC are not listening to Railways requests to plug this problem. It will be an additional item in my agenda to get this hygiene issue resolved.

Temporary arrangement has been done to keep the area neat and clean for the time being on a daily basis. But permanent solution is what I am searching for with the co-operation of BBMP, Railways and BMTC.

Once again, thanks to all of you who supported, blessed us to take up this initiative.
Now, not as a challenge – but as an initiative – Are you interested to take up a similar campaign in your neighbourhood? If so, kindly share this and spread the word around. If a small team comprising few of us could try and do it, I am sure; you can definitely do it in a better way.
Sincere thanks,

Ramesh Menon
Saturday, 4th October 2014, Kadugodi, Whitefield, Bangalore

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