Border Tree – and road perils on Tamilnadu Kerala border

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Border tree – photo by Rajashree Menon
This is a tree which is situated on the National Highway road and at the border connecting Kerala and Tamilnadu through Coimbatore. For several years it has been lying in the same state, no leaves, no changes, just the same as it is. In front of it, a half constructed bridge too. Just like the tree, it has also been there as a memorial. I do not know what is the problem, or who is behind the agony of the half constructed road and bridge in this sector. One could drive down from Bengaluru to the border of Coimbatore within 6 hours by road. But, one need lot of patience and luck to get from there to Trichur, at least within 5 – 6 hours of road time. 
As a regular, who love to drive from Bengaluru to Kerala, I feel the second sector mentioned above, one need lot of luck to drive and get through. 
Trucks, especially tankers, oil and gas, are impatient after a long wait. Include the long bodied heavy trailers who transport automobiles. They drive hard and rash, just to cover the long wait at the Tamilnadu Keala border. Result, many times, is an accident.
God bless all those who drive on this road. 

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