Historic landmarks need to be maintained

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Historic Abu Dhabi landmarks not maintained

Authorities need to ensure that proper attention and respect is given to key sights
By Ramesh Menon, Gulf News Reader
Published: July 6, 2012
  • Image Credit: Ramesh Menon/Gulf News Reader
  • An iconic landmark in Abu Dhabi is covered in graffiti and dirt.

I was walking along the airport road of Abu Dhabi towards the corniche, where the historic canon and incense burner shaped landmarks are situated. It has been a prestigious piece for a long time.
The fountain along with its majestic positioning in the middle of high rise buildings on both sides gives a special feeling to whoever visits this central part of Abu Dhabi.
However, walking closer to the fountain and the canon shaped structure, I was astonished with the way it has been damaged and ignored for maintenance. The landmark had tiles missing, grills broken, waste thrown around, and graffiti on its wall.
  • Image Credit: Ramesh Menon/Gulf News Reader
  • The canon shaped structure appears to have been ignored for maintenance.

It gave me an unpleasant feeling of how people take care of these historic landmarks. Some years ago, the prestigious ‘Volcano Fountain’ was demolished, and it’s now history. We don’t know whether this is also an item marked to be demolished in the near future.
I request that the Abu Dhabi authorities give this historic landmark of Abu Dhabi a facelift and also take action against whoever spoils its beauty with graffiti or advertisements. Please take good care of Abu Dhabi’s historic landmarks.
This reader is based in Abu Dhabi
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