Mall shoppers left unprotected under the sun

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Mall shoppers left unprotected under the sun

Busy bus stop at Marina Mall in Abu Dhabi lacks bus shelter By Ramesh Menon, Gulf News Reader Published: June 29, 2012

Image Credit: Ramesh Menon

Shoppers leaving Marina Mall are often left waiting for the bus under the sun because no bus shelter is available at the popular bus stop.

Abu Dhabi’s public buses connect the Marina Mall shopping complex to various points in the city. The service and the buses are very useful for shoppers at the mall.

However, the bus stop in front of the mall doesn’t have a shelter for the passengers. The shades and benches provided are far away from the bus stop. Another issue is that the chain dividers for the taxi parking area act as a hindrance to passengers who have to rush between the taxis and the dividers when the bus arrives.

I urge the mall and other relevant authorities to kindly consider installing temporary sun shades for shoppers who use the bus during this summer period.

The reader is based in Abu Dhabi.

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