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Summer is getting into it’s extreme here and several times I wish, if it rains here at least once in a month. How nice it would have been?! Hmm, no luck.. Then I change my wish and think, how lucky we all would be, if it rains, at least once in three months… Hmm.. no way… nothing doing…It remains a wish like that. But, few years ago, it rained for two days continuously in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. As usual, I didn’t miss that golden opportunity to click some photos and videos of the rain in UAE. 

With the habit of sharing things, I blogged the video that time. Last year when Mathrubhumi online started the Yuvog – their video only site, friends from that team asked me to start posting in it, and see how it is. I started enjoying the free uploads option there and then continued posting whenever there is an important event or activity to video share. 

It’s monsoon season in Kerala and today, Mathrubhumi online have come out with a special feature on rain – Peyyattangane Peyyatte.. (let it continue to rain..).. and in it they have specially featured this video.

Thank you Team Yuvog and Mathrubhumi. Those who wish to read it there may click on “Peyyattangane Peyyatte

I have also included another video of a rain opportunity I captured while at a short visit to Bengaluru.

Enjoy both videos.

Rain at Abu Dhabi and Dubai


Rain at Bengaluru 


If you are currently on holidays in Kerala or from anywhere, you can upload your rain photos at:

Peyyattangane Peyyatte