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Magical moments

School days are the wonderful period in our lives. I believe so now, not then. During my school days, we used to have a monthly cultural programme for students and we all looked forward to it.

It used to be a screening of a documentary movie (mostly Charlie Chaplin’s), a puppet show or a special event we all looked forward to — the magic show.

More than any other event, crowds would flock to this event because of the element of mystery surrounding the show. We never missed any opportunity. The memories of one or two such shows are everlasting in my mind. One was by PC Sorcar.

The magician came in his special magic dress and brought out many things from nowhere. A rabbit, a dove, and lots of chocolate.

He even “cut” one of his team members into two pieces. And he pocketed our teacher’s wristwatch using his magic wand. It was amazing for all of us.

Since then, I haven’t had a chance to watch a magic show. I hear that the Indian Social and Cultural Centre in Abu Dhabi is organising a magic show by the famous Indian magician Professor Gopinath Muthukad on Oct.28 at the National Theatre, Abu Dhabi.

He is a magician with a mission. He has a stupendous way to interact with children and captivates their hearts and instils good values in them.

I am looking forward to see him perform in Abu Dhabi. It adds more significance, when it is being held as part of a series of events held in commemoration of the 40th UAE National Day.

Ramesh Menon

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