Independence day thoughts and wishes of a non-resident indian

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Dear Friends,
A sincere wish to all of you on this happy day.
While we celebrate Independence Day festivities in our own small way at our community, how much more we can contribute as a community to the society around is the question in my mind.
In my own small way, I have been pursuing two items with interest with various government authorities and append them below here for your reading, information and further support:

Pedestrian overbridge at Kadugodi Railway / Bus Station area
This is an item for all those who use the railway and bus stations. I had noticed it during my visits and Bala Sirs email prompted me to post it with relevance in and highlight it to the authorities concerned, including the Councillor and Railway authorities. They are now aware of the situation, but as you may know it is a bigger problems, and several hands have to be united to take it further. South Western Railway have come back saying that crossing the railway track is a trespassing activity, however, including their own staff have to use this option for easy access. Otherwise, they have to take the road bridge and a longer route of almost 2-3 kms to reach the station or the medical / shopping /educational facilities around in our side.
If anyone of you concur the need for an over bridge in that area, please do post your comments and words of support, as I have highlighted the above post and link to various authorities, social activists and press, who will take it up further in the coming days. Need your support and helping hands in this.
A Star on the Road Programme
We have been seeing numerous auto stations coming up in our area recently.
In April 2011, during my visit, I developed a medical emergency on the way to KR Puram in an auto and was helped, supported and assisted throughout by the driver, whom I hired from in front of our gate. I met him previous day, and finding his driving and conduct good, I had taken down his number and contact and had called him that morning to go to KR Puram. He was there throughout the time till I became OK, with me and my wife, and till the time other friends came with emergency support. I was impressed with his responsible act and conduct during the time of an emergency.
I took this up with Bangalore City Traffic Police, with whom I had been communicating on various traffic related issues. The thought of identifying and honouring him and similar public servants came up and I suggested to have a programme named “A Star On The Road”. 
In the process we had several communications, verifications going back and forth, considering the main scenario that in Bangalore, an auto can be driven by several persons and if an auto was driven by a good driver and it is given a honour, that same night, it could be driven by someone who is dangerous and can indulge in a dangerous activity. So, discussions on pros and cons of this citation were taking place till this time.

I am happy to inform you all that Bangalore City Police have come back today that they will consider this suggestion and programme further and will consider him and other such drivers, acts for this rewarding programme, which will be launched shortly.  It is also intended to cover several road safety aspects and values. I hope this programme will bring positive vibes into driving habits happening in our city.

The first one to benefit will be the auto guy from our area, whose conduct has been checked and verified by them already.

I believe, I am never away from my community at any point of time.

Due regards to all of you and do spare a few minutes for our community for collective benefits for all of us as individuals and as a society.

Jai Hind.
Ramesh Menon

One thought on “Independence day thoughts and wishes of a non-resident indian

    arpan kumar de said:
    January 1, 2013 at 3:26 pm

    Hi , Prashant ..I saw your posts on kadugodi foot overbridge.. I would like to contact you on this matter . Is there any progress in this matter? I just saw a death in that railway crossing today ..


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