Trolley Trouble – Short Take – Dt. 21.05.2011

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Trolley Trouble – Short Take – Dt. 21.05.2011

Trolley trouble

A friend of mine returned from holiday recently and during his short stay in Mumbai, he happened to visit a new shopping mall.

Walking inside with the mall, his son of 2 years got restless. Seeing this, he was offered a trolley by one of the junior shop attendants to place the boy on the trolley.

My friend was very happy and continued his walk inside the mall. As he was on a casual visit, his trolley was empty. A few yards further he was stopped by a supervisor, who questioned him and asked him why he was using the trolley to carry his child.

In an angry tone, he asked him to take the baby out from the trolley and carry him on his own and told him that the trolley was not meant for this purpose.

Surprised by this remark, my friend pointed out at the junior attendant and told the supervisor that he was offered this kind gesture by one of his junior staff when his son started crying.

He continued to him, “Seeing your actions I feel the duty role should have been reversed.”

He returned the trolley and moved out of the mall instantly. Another instance of who is walking tall and short? A simple act of kindness by one junior staff became an unpardonable crime for his senior.

Ramesh Menon

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