Tall and short – Short Take – Gulf Today Dt. 14.05.2011

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Short Take – Tall and short – Gulf Today Dt. 14.05.2011

We come across several people on the road and business and pass through several interactions. Many of them pass away from our mind quickly. But, a few of them remain within us. It is one such chance listening to an interesting conversation that lead to the creation of this news item.

It was Ramadan time with short working hours and as usual all the bank counters were busy with customers.

I was standing in the line at one such counter and in front of me was a tall person. He was about 6ft 4” or more. And at the other side of the counter was a Philippino Teller, comparatively short with a height of approximately 5 ft.

Due to some reason, he was slow and added to it the computer system was responding slow too. May be, in order to ease the restlessness of the customer in front due to all the delay, the Teller opened up a casual conversation with the tall customer telling him that he envied his height and always wanted to be a tall person.

Answering him with a smile, the tall man replied: “It is the other way for me. I wanted to be shorter than what I am and really helpless about it each time.”

His answer once again created a spark of thoughts for me to work on a new subject. Walking tall and short in life!

What do we really assume by saying a person is tall or short? How many times we stand tall and short in our life?

Ramesh Menon

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