Moments of life – Short Take – Gulf Today – Dt. 07.05.2011

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Moments of life – Short Take – Gulf Today – Dt. 07.05.2011

It is very interesting to interact with different people as we get to observe and learn many new things from them.

The journey towards my office consists of a long time in a lift and it is a good opportunity to say “hello” and exchange short words between regular faces from different floors.

The other day, I was in a lift with a colleague of mine, who had returned from  holiday.

A good athlete, he took a short course in Para Jumping. The coaching and trial went well and the day came for real time performance to jump from an aircraft towards a picturesque valley.

The instructor explained to him all the basics to be followed and also rechecked the equipment and he was signaled to jump. He was telling me the moment after was one of the most memorable ones ever in his life so far.

The beauty of the valley was unimaginable as he looked and enjoyed while he lowered. However, suddenly he realised, his equipment was not opening up and then the joy turned out to be a panic situation. For moments, he said, he recapped his whole life, all the while trying to correct the equipment, and felt absolute helplessness towards the wind, the nature and the situation he was in. He thought, it was going to be the end.

Somehow, at the right time, before any danger could happen, the equipment opened and he managed to do a heavy landing, with minor bruises.

All the while he was narrating this, there was another passenger in the lift, who was blaring a music through his ipod and completely out of this world. People around were looking at him as the noise level was unbearable in that small and packed area. All kept quiet and left him on his own as he destroyed his own ear drum with that blistering volume.

Yes, life is full of controllable and uncontrollable situations and it is all how we act and react to it.

Ramesh Menon
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