Short Take – GULF TODAY – Dt. 20.11.2010 – Helping Hand

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Short Take – GULF TODAY – Dt. 20.11.2010 – Helping Hand

Helping hand

Last week was significant for sports lovers, especially in the UAE. The first-ever test cricket match played in UAE ended in a draw. More significantly, the 2nd edition of the F1 championship produced the youngest winner in a thrilling final.

These sports events were keenly watched by many and what made me as an interesting spectator of the thrilling finish at Yas Marina was the gesture by Sebastian Vettel, after halting his car.

Accepting the applause from the spectators he came out and kissed his car, laying his head on the tyres and the machine. It showed in one way or another man’s acceptance to the kindness of blessings from a super natural being to succeed in life, and keep all options and equipment accurate and running perfectly till any race we run is completed.

This also brings out another interesting event happened in my life last week. An organisation was changing their computer system and were left with 27 CPUs in good condition.

As the units were new and in good condition, they wanted to sell it for a nominal cost and suddenly one of their staff knew about me and my social connections and called me. I was happy to accept their request and spread the word around whether any takers for the same for socially benefiting cause.

Manzil – an organisation based in Sharjah, which gives care and learning environment to those with special needs and encourages them to explore their potential to the fullest, came forward to accept them.

With whole-hearted support from the organisation GHD, Abu Dhabi and their senior management and those two staff members, we were able to send the PCs to Manzil before the Eid holidays.

I could not control my tears of joy when I received a thank you note and special Eid greetings from those children and staff from Manzil as they accepted this unexpected gift on Thursday.

Job only half done as I look around for more volunteers to help them with the basics of computing.

Ramesh Menon

To read it in original, please visit GULF TODAY online.

To know more about Manzil, please visit

If interested to become a volunteer, please write to them directly at

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