My Videos – A journey through divine abode

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My Videos – A journey through divine abode


An early morning flight, window seat and turbulent weather conditions. Air travel these days creates excitement and anxiety of different reasons.

Looking outside, I saw the sun trying to come out through the white cloud surrounding the aircraft. A nice feeling of thoughts came to my mind.

The beautiful scene outside took me and my thoughts to my childhood days, when we used to sit around in groups and chant our daily evening prayers. It followed a short session of story telling by our grandmother, or great grandmother, or uncle. Generally, it used to be from the Mahabaratha, Ramayana or other books of moral importance and ended up with a point or two to inculcate in our life.

Occasional or yearly visit to a movie theatre to see old tamil/malayalam movies those days added more visual base to those stories narrated. Most of those movies were based on such themes.

I got back to those precious feelings generated the evenings followed after such movie outings. The excitement when we sit in front of the oil lamps, with very little lighting surrounding, the open sky outside and listen once again to those stories and relive and visualize the scenes are precious.

As the clouds moved around I could see all the heroes of those stories which I used to listen carefully.

Those who have had such moments can relive them with me. Others can think and re-create such sessions happened in the 70s. For the new generation, you may recreate them when you fiddle your fingers with the latest computer games.