My Letters – Khaleej Times Dt. 28.09.2010 – Cricket mining gold at South Africa

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My Letters – Khaleej Times Dt. 28.09.2010 – Cricket mining gold at South Africa

28 September 2010

As expected before the first ball of the finals played, Chennai Super Kings have won the finals of the CLT20 Cup. Watching the match and the entire series gave several interesting management perspectives. One man cannot win continuously matches for his team, especially highly competitive matches like this. This was proved by the performance of Davey Jacobs. He guillotined his and his teams chances the moment he played an over enthusiastic shot of Ashwin’s first ball. It proved several things for the bowler and all of us.

First of all, the value of following the basics, which he did, by keeping the ball straight to the stumps. Secondly and most importantly, keeping a calm and composed self on the field, even at times of victory or defeat.
I wish, video of his bowling efforts at this series to be showed as an example to our other bowlers, who swear, curse and do all sorts of emotional tantrums, while they lose focus and objectives.

The team spirit showed on field between all players, irrespective of their nationality, showed a harmonious feeling and optimism for world cricket. The encouragement to our young generation players from senior players was outstanding. The series really gave some players to stand tall amongst the crowd. I wish, the same strategy is employed by corporate organisations to promote other sports, especially football and hockey.

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