Lack of pumps on Saadiyat Island – My Letters – THE NATIONAL Dt. 02.07.2010

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My Letters – THE NATIONAL Dt. 02.07.2010 – Lack of pumps on Saadiyat Island

Using the new Saadiyat Island road, motorists are left with the limited option to fill their cars with petrol once they leave the city.

The rush of motorists in the afternoon is on the high side as there are many daily commuters who reside in Dubai and work in Abu Dhabi. This makes refuelling an issue as there is a long queue at petrol stations in both emirates.

This is a major inconvenience as there is no petrol filling station on this stretch for about 40km and any motorists leaving the city with short of fuel has no options to refill. In addition, two of the major petrol pumps in the city are under renovation, making it all the more difficult.

Thus, a petrol station at the exit of Mina towards Dubai or somewhere on the new road after the exit from Abu Dhabi city will be welcome by all the motorists.

I humbly request the authorities to initiate necessary measures to ease the refuelling difficulties of motorists.

Ramesh Menon, Abu Dhabi

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