Kadugodi Kobra Cup – A Cricket tournament to nurture unity and friendship

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Kadugodi Kobra Cup – A Cricket tournament to nurture unity and friendship

During my recent visit to Bangalore, I was lucky enough to see the finals of a club Cricket tournament. Kadugodi Kobra Cup – named after the small village which occupies Whitefield and surrounding areas of Bangalore. The initial stages of the tournament had matches played between various local teams and on the day I was there, it was the Finals. The composition of the two teams attracted me very much. One team was filled with members of the building community of Golden Blossom who owned properties there and the opposition team formed workers and management staff of Golden Gate Properties. A thrilling final, typical with moments of heated arguments, run chases, run outs and of course the winning moments. To relive the Lagaan experience, the Workers/Management team won the cup. It gave me another opportunity to share the harmony and joy of winning and losing.

Good wishes to all the participants and team members. For individual photos, please email me at team1dubai@gmail.com

Ramesh Menon

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