Photo Speaks – Abu Dhabi Bus & Police ads for Traffic Safety

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Photo Speaks – Abu Dhabi Bus & Police ads for Traffic Safety

Moving slowly through the city traffic is the most difficult part during the morning session of our daily working life. And if it stops completely due to a wrong parking by someone, what will be your mood? Especially in this part of the world, where most of the banks and government offices close at 2:00 pm and if one has to run between various points for multiple tasks, he will definitely be thinking, God, are you seeing all these, we have to reach at x,y and z destinations before they close. Summer is here and the temperature is rising and the tempers of the drivers will also follow suite. However, this particular advertisement on an Abu Dhabi Bus by Abu Dhabi Police convinced my belief that the authorities are aware of the wrong parking situations happening at many parts of the city. Thank you sirs, for highlighting this problem for the attention of the general public, who are of course aware of it, but helpless with the lack of parking areas at prominent spots. May be this is an indication of stringent actions going to be enforced in future for offenders who double park and block the traffic.

Solution upfront is to start using Abu Dhabi Bus… The new ones are coming soon. Why not? Enjoy the view around from a different seat and different height.

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