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Dear Friends,

Welcome to read the 16th issue of No News. In the olden days, it was a tradition for elders to sit with children and tell them stories. Mostly this happened in the evening and a group of 7 to 8 children gather around to listen a story, a short one with a moral ending. In those days, it was the natural formative way to groom the children to a responsible citizen. As we progressed and as the combined families shrunk to single family and single child, this tradition had a slow death. The busy schedule of both working parents and limited opportunities to interact with relatives and friends killed the age old tradition of story telling. Children, where do they go and what do they do to pick up precious pearls of wisdom?. TV cartoons or serials?. The importance of school libraries and regular reading lessons gets prominence at this stage. More libraries and reading opportunities should be made available for our children. A point to ponder.

It is not easy to preach and not at all easy to practise what we preach. I myself had a good experience two days ago. As a strong advocate and follower of traffic and safety rules, I try and make sure to follow the rules. They say, there is always a secret eye watching you and this happened after I parked my car in front of a road side villa. After finishing my work, I was taking my car and there comes a hand stopping me. A traffic warden walked from nowhere and handed over to me a parking violation ticket. He continued, Sir, you have parked in front of a no parking zone!. I looked around and could not locate any no-parking signs. Enquiring a little more about the locality I discovered that previous day, many drivers double parked in that area and created traffic obstructions for the residents and their complaints caused this decision of reinforcing an old no-parking situation in that area. I drove away accepting it as a good source of permanent reminder to stay away from future violations.

Participating recently in a photography competition by Malayala Manorama newspaper gave me an opportunity to experience the intensity associated with all those children taking part in various reality shows and events. Apart from having talent, they and their entire team should have the motivation to sustain their interest and efforts during the period they compete. To generate continuous interest amongst the audience is not an easy task. It is at this challenging time that innovative and inventive creative qualities within a person blossoms. This automatically becomes a grooming ground of future real time man management for the child. A look at the leading participants of any of the major competition will give you an idea about them and their academic skills and added value of extra-curricular talent.

Incidentally, this also brought in front of me another startling factor from a series of music reality shows concluded recently. As many as 5 children belonging to a small community – warrier’s – came to the finals of various regional singing reality shows. Arun Gopan, Mridula V R, Durga Warrier, Parvathy and Rashmi Vijayan. It is nice to see parents promoting children and their talent to blossom along with their academic progress. A new set of real life winners are being groomed and let out to the society to rule the future world of talent. How important is the role of parents here in the success achieved by each one of them? I really applaud them for supporting their children to come out and perform to their best.

On a similar platform, I look at the opportunities available to our children and those left un-explored by them. In our specific case, initiative gives children the perfect platform to expand their non-performing talent. With a small effort of sending a creative work by email in jpg form, a child’s expressive thoughts gets into a history of his/her life. Imagine the feeling he/she gets after sending it across to his favourite uncle or grand parents across the world. Regular participation in it provides a self progress report for the growth of their creative career as they could analyse by themselves the creative efforts before, now and after. Please do not miss this opportunity to groom your child to participate in future at bigger venues whenever it is made available.

Higher education options for children are getting competitive than ever. The current economic scenario world-wide have reprioritised the demand in the field of education. Interests in arts, economics and language have gained back prominence. Specific job oriented courses have come up and even professional courses have direct admission facilities for students to join them straight from their high school. is dedicated to bring out the best support role for students. Several links with the objective of giving maximum guidance to children have been included in it. Parents, teachers and students are kindly requested to utilise this site to the maximum benefit they could reap from it. Nothing comes easy and free. Here, all the above are free for use. May be that is the reason it does not get the right value expected out of it. This is why each time a parent support his child to participate in the Talent Share objective gets rewarded. Because, without their support, children will never be able to participate in it.

With immense honour, I include a part of the answer provided to the media by H.H.Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Prime Ministre of UAE. On asked about how he juggles his political and non-political roles and what he does for fun, he answered: “The day has 24 hours or 1,440 minutes, or 86,400 seconds. For me, this is sufficient time for work, hobbies and sports. It works if you respect time and you know how to organize your schedule. Whoever enjoys his work, it seems that you add five days to your week. I enjoy my work, which is my existence in my life: the service of my homeland and my people. My joy increases when I see the progress and prosperity of my homeland and my people. I do not work alone, I have a team whom I lead and encourage and on whom I rely. Within each human being there is an inexhaustible source of potential, but there is no human being with unlimited capacity. What is important is to know your capacities – and how you should use them. For fun, I spend my time with my family at the beach or in the desert. I love to read. I ride horses. My love for horses is indescribably enormous; it is part of my soul and history.

True words of wisdom from a leader who utilise each minute of his life for himself, his family and the society. Reflection of a true warrior. As do all the others who devote time for their children, family and society. What more one need? See the whole picture, enjoy it’s complete beauty and give your best positive efforts to your life and society around.

God Bless and have a great week ahead.

Ramesh Menon
22042009 / e-mail:

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