Just one person can make a difference

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Just one person can make a difference

The on-going road development works and the parking worries give me occasional opportunities these days to travel by the Abu Dhabi Bus or Taxi during office hours and outside. I consider this as an opportunity to move away from my driving responsibilities and also from the crazy road behaviours for some time and opportunistically utilise the view and life around from a different angle and height. However, many times, these waiting, ends up in frustration looking at the senseless behaviour of fellow road users to rush in for the taxi or the bus, irrespective of others who have been waiting there before them. Like the situation in the movie Saveage Harvest, it reminds me of a predatory instinct in human being each time it happens. However, a chance drive to a city suburb in Ajman on a Friday afternoon made me realise it is not the case everywhere. I was waiting after a sumptuous lunch from a restaurant inside my car and noticed this act of decency by a group of ordinary passengers most of them labourers working in camps. As usual, my camera did not miss the opportunity of recording a series of precious acts and opportunity for me to promote TQM and Positive Thinking values around. Watching them, I thought, how good it be, if the same social conscience and sense prevailed with the fellow users in the more cosmopolitan cities like Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

Immediately after the visit, I send the story to Gulf News for their new section Community Report, with a different version. Yeah, English is one language which we can manipulate according to our moods and swings. Thank you Gulf News for accepting it and continuing to allow me to test my writing skills. Together, it proves, You too can make Us create a world of difference.

The photos will tell you the complete story.

QUEUE PLEASE and Have a great week-end.

Ramesh Menon
05 03 2009

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    Joy Mathew said:
    March 5, 2009 at 8:32 am

    Q q Q q Q q


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