Visit Visa on Arrival can be Extended for One Month

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Visit Visa on Arrival can be Extended for One Month
Staff reporter KHALEEJ TIMES 15 September 2008

Dubai — Expats from 33 countries who receive visit visa on arrival at any UAE airport, can now stay in the country for a period of one month extendable by another month on payment of a fee of Dh610, a DNRD official said.

The DNRD on Sunday clarified that under the new visit visa rule which came into effect on July 29, all foreign nationals from the 33 countries that are exempted from applying for visas prior to entry into the UAE can stay in the country for one month with a further extension of another month.

Nationals of the 33 countries are provided visas upon entry at the airport, he noted. A national of these 33 countries, including UK, USA, and Australia, can extend his one- month visa by paying a fee of Dh610.

“Earlier, these nationals could stay in the UAE for a period of two months. But now the duration of the visit visa for British and other foreign expatriates of these countries has been reduced from two to one month.”

The official addressed the concerns raised by some residents seeking visit visa for their British relatives. “I used to know that the visit visa for British nationals lasts for two months.

“But, I was surprised to learn recently that it is valid for one month only,” said a resident who was inquiring about his British daughter’s visa status.