Internal elements for personal identity

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Internal elements for personal identity

Babita Narayanan for Express Buzz 21 Aug 2008 03:03:00 PM IST

WE have already initiated our process of personal branding with some of the external elements required.

I’m sure some of you who have started making certain changes in your appearance after reading the last column and must be feeling good about yourselves. I am replying to some of the queries I got on email about the internal elements that are necessary for the process of self packaging and creating your brand identity.

Every person is a sum of both internal and external factors which include several significant elements. Depending on the situation and the interaction, some of these combined elements always make an impact. It is difficult to determine which one of these has more significance or relevance.

Today let us journey into our inner selves and find out what internal elements determine a powerful personal identity.

1. SWOC analysis. Make an honest analysis of your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and concerns. Put it on paper. Take help from people close to you and let them give you a feedback. This will give you a picture of your present position. Now you know exactly what your opportunities are and what is stopping you.

2. Open Mind. Can you accept the analysis you have made of yourself in totality and the necessity to change them? Do it. Are you open to changes, advice, suggestions? Slowly develop a mind that is open, unbiased and clear to yourself. Establish a firm sense of self- acceptance.

3. Recognizing your true purpose. What really drives you? What is your purpose in life? This can allow you to make dramatic changes in our lives. Determining what your purpose is and pursuing it with passion can lead to a true renaissance in your personal and professional endeavors.

4. Self esteem- Value yourself. What image do you have of yourself ? Are you feeling good about yourself ? List out what is about you that makes you feel good and otherwise. You have to start loving yourself completely without being blind to the aspects that you need to change.

5. Level of confidence- A high level of balanced confidence is what will give anyone an edge. What is the level of confidence do you possess especially when you meet someone with authority or a stranger? Most of the times we find our confidence wavering when we meet people who are different from us or better than us and we feel threatened. Analyze yourself and be completely of your confidence in all situations.

6. The right attitude. The way you think, day in day out, affects all aspects of your life. What is your attitude towards yourself, towards your work, towards others and towards life itself ? Are you perpetually depressed, critical, complaining or nagging? Stop and listen to your “inner voice’. What is it saying? Most of the time, we hear our inner voice all negative and unhappy. Well, its time we know that ‘inner voice’ is completely controlled by us. Start the process.

Start by converting each of the negative thought to a positive one. Start with just one positive thought at a time and start developing a right attitude.

7. Positive Reinforcements- Make this your mantra. Repeat as often as possible n I need to change to achieve my goal and I will start the process today.

* I am unique, one of a kind.

* I will treat others the way I want to be treated.

* I cannot change my family; I can only change myself. I will love them for what they are.

When I smile, I feel better. So I am going to smile all day today.

* I am alive today. Let me be kind and loving to everyone I meet.

So go ahead and live life to the fullest brimming with joy and happiness.