Abu Dhabi residents happy with new bus service

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Abu Dhabi residents happy with new bus service
By Binsal Abdul Kader, Staff Reporter GULF NEWS Published: June 30, 2008, 23:37

Abu Dhabi: Residents in the city enjoyed the new bus service on Monday.

Most of them said they are happy to get relief from the discomfort of long wait for taxis on the streets. Apart from the comfort, an affordable bus service is a solace to the people during increasing cost of living, others said.

About 60 buses started the service on four routes on Monday morning. Although launch of the bus service was announced last week, most of the buses were empty in the morning, as the residents were not aware of the routes. “I had to answer a lot of questions about the routes,” said Guldar Khan, a driver.

Abate Chernet, an Ethiopian working as a labour supervisor, said it is a real solution to the transportation woes. Although a free ride was announced, many passengers like Chernet boarded the bus with change to pay the fare. “Even if not free, we will appreciate it,” said his friend Boalech.

Mustafa Thottissery, an Indian working at a flower shop, said: “I used to spend Dh15 a day on taxis which can be saved now.”

Covering capital city

Route No 5 – Break Water, Marina Mall to Al Mina Shopping Centre via Zayed First Street, Hamdan Street, Abu Dhabi Mall and Vegetable Market.

Route No 7 -Break Water, Marina Mall to 10th Street/ Falah Street (Near Abu Dhabi Mall) via Bynuna Street and Zayed First Street.

Route No 32 -Sports City, Carrefour to Break Water, Marina Mall via Airport Road, Main Bus Terminal, East Road (4th Street), Zayed First Street.

Route No 54 – Sports City, Carrefour to Abu Dhabi Mall via Muroor Road and Tourist Club.