World’s First Moving Tower To Be Built In Dubai

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World’s First Moving Tower To Be Built In Dubai
Wednesday, Jun 25, 2008

DUBAI (Zawya Dow Jones)–The world’s first rotating building, an 80-storey tower with revolving floors, will be built in Dubai, New York-based architect David Fisher’s Dynamic Group, the mastermind behind the development, said Wednesday.

The Dynamic Tower will be made up of 80 prefabricated apartments which will spin independently of one another to give the impression that the 420 meter building is constantly changing shape, Dynamic said in a statement.

Work on the tower is due to be completed by 2010, according to Dynamic’s Web site.

The building will have 79 giant power-generating wind turbines located between each floor so that it will be energy self-sufficient.

“The Dynamic Tower is environmentally friendly and the first building designed to be self-powered, with the ability to generate its own electricity, as well as for other nearby buildings,” Fisher said in the statement.

Apartments will range in size from 124 square meters to villas of 1,200 square meters complete with a parking space inside the apartment, the statement said.

Dubai is at the center of the Gulf region’s construction boom spurred by record high oil earnings. It is currently building Burj Dubai, the world’s tallest tower, due for completion in 2009.

The Dynamic Tower will also be the first skyscraper to be built entirely from prefabricated parts that are custom made in a workshop, known as the Fisher Method,

Fisher said just 600 people on an assembly site and 80 technicians on the construction site would be needed to build the tower – compared with around 2,000 workers for a traditional project of a comparable scale.

“Each floor of the building can be completed in only seven days. From now on, buildings will be made in a factory,” he said.

A second, 70-storey skyscraper is planned for Moscow by 2010. Mirax Group will develop the tower, headed by international developer Sergei Polonsky, Dynamic said.

“Our intention is to build the third rotating skyscraper in New York,” Fisher said.

There are also plans to build similar Dynamic Towers in Canada, Germany, Italy, Korea and Switzerland “following an expression of interest from developers, governments, and public officials,” Dynamic said.