Charity raises hope for physically-challenged

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Charity raises hope for physically-challenged
By Riyasbabu (Our staff reporter)KHALEEJ TIMES 25 June 2008

DUBAI – Simon George, 43, a wheelchair-bound man, is seeking support of non-resident Indians (NRIs), in his mission to help people with physical challenges become self-sufficient.

George has been working tirelessly to help people with disabilities in India. Having travelled around the world on a wheelchair, as both his legs are paralysed, he is currently in Dubai to meet the NRIs to seek their assistance.

George, whose was struck by a paralytic attack in his legs in 1986 while he was studying mechanical engineering, started a charity organisation, ‘Prathyasha Foundation’, in 2004, to support people with disabilities.

“Both my legs were paralysed after a medical error. I had high fever and the injection I was given in the hospital affected my spinal cord. I was in bed for six years. It was after a long treatment that I was able to sit in a wheelchair,” he told Khaleej Times. “I lost my confidence. I failed to continue my studies thereafter. But I decided to fight against my disability and do something for others who suffer a similar fate,” recounted George.

He started Prathyasha Foundation in Kochi. “Our aim is to boost the confidence of people with disabilities. We have a training centre for them where we groom them for different jobs. The foundation also distributes computers, tailoring machines and other equipment to them for self employment purposes,” he said.

“Currently, 50 people are getting training at the centre. We want to develop the centre,” he said.

“I am in Dubai to study the rehabilitation activities here. I am very impressed with the facilities provided for people with disabilities here,” he said.

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