Police campaign highlights dangers of leaving vehicles on

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Police campaign highlights dangers of leaving vehicles on
By Alia Al Theeb, Staff Reporter GULF NEWS
Published: April 14, 2008, 00:28

Dubai: If you leave your car engine on and run to the grocery store even for a few minutes, police will fine you Dh300, a senior official warned on Sunday.

Police issued 1,960 fines to motorists who left their vehicle with their engines on in 2007. The fine was increased from Dh100 to Dh300 under the revised Federal traffic law.

Dubai Police are organising a five-day campaign, which started on Sunday, to spread awareness among motorists on the dangers of leaving their vehicles with the engine on.

The campaign also aims to reduce the problem of leaving car engines on in the coming three months by 30 per cent.

Lieutenant Colonel Ali Ganem, Director of Naif Police Station, said some motorists leave the engines of their vehicles on with the car keys inside to get something from a grocery store or a pharmacy. He said this endangers motorists and encourages thieves.

“According to statistics, 66 vehicles with engines on were stolen in 2006, while the number dropped to 26 vehicles in 2007 because of the awareness of some motorists and the efforts of police,” Lt Col Ganem said.

He said according to the ministerial decision number 127 for 2008, motorists who leave the engines of their vehicles on, must be given an on-the-spot or absentia fine of Dh300.

The campaign aims to spread awareness among motorists regarding parking vehicles in appropriate places and making sure they carry their car keys after locking the door, not leaving children alone in the car and not leaving valuables in the car.

He said in the case of an emergency or the dire need to leave the car engine on such as, having sleeping children inside, there must be an adult in the car and he or she must have a suitable communication method to reach the motorist in case of any emergency.

He said in such cases, motorists should also make sure the gear and brakes are placed in a safe mode.