Abu Dhabi holds camel beauty pageant

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Abu Dhabi holds camel beauty pageant
Staff Report GULF NEWS Published: April 01, 2008, 12:42

Abu Dhabi: Thousands of well-groomed camels will line-up for the UAE’s first-ever camel beauty pageant this week.

It is part of the country’s first Camel Festival, which kicks off Wednesday, with a total of Dh 35 million in prize money up for grabs as well as 100 cars.

The participating camels are required to be of pure-bred origin and free from any contagious diseases. They are then divided into age groups and owners can participate with more than one camel as long as they can prove ownership.

Shaikh Mohammad Bin Butti Al Hamed, Head of the High Committee for the Festival, Representative of the Ruler at the Western Region, praised the status camels held in traditional Arab life.

“Although the camel has always been a companion to the Arab during his travel in the old days, today camels still play a part in our lives, as thousands of people continue to attend camel races and watch what is perceived as part of our heritage.”