Remove the fear of failure

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Remove the fear of failure
Mr Amitava Roy, President, Symphony Services

One teacher I remember, and why: Prof. Bhola Nath Roy, my grandfather, for the values he instils in me.

One most valuable work lesson thus far: I am humbled by the intelligence of my colleagues and juniors.

My role is to unleash the untapped potential in people around me.

One thing I look for the most in a new recruit: Attitude.

A book that I am currently reading: How to manage in a flat world, by Susan Bloch & Philip Whiteley.

One tip for time management: Prioritisation.

One key thing in my fitness routine: Walk.

One signal that tells me there is a problem: Slowdown in communication.

One technique for handling anger: Deep breath.

One essential ingredient in my investment portfolio: Common sense.

One good thing about a new generation: Passion.

One worrying thing about the young: Affluence affecting their survival instincts.

One thing that clinches a deal: Trust.

One definition of values: Truth.

One way that I use for resolving conflicts: Listening.

One favourite activity when travelling: Photography.

One indicator of performance: Success.

One macroeconomic variable I keenly watch: India’s GDP growth.

One dream I’d like to chase, later in life: Travel — sightseeing.

One good way to foster innovation: Removing the fear of failure.

One clue that tells me I’m the leader: When others listen.