Sociable parents’ kids better at exams

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Sociable parents’ kids better at exams
15 Mar 2008, 1150 hrs IST,PTI
LONDON: Here’s another reason to party – a new study has showed that children born to sociable parents are better at exams.

Researchers in Britain have found that parents who are involved in clubs such as political parties, voluntary groups or religious organisations are likely to have kids who succeed at school, The Daily Telegraph reported on Saturday.

According to the University of Sheffield study, children score better in reading, maths and vocabulary tests the more socially active their parents are.

“Children’s scores in reading, mathematics and vocabulary tests are positively associated with the extent of their parents’ formal social interaction. The results suggest lack of social interaction may have adverse intergenerational effects in terms of educational attainment.

“Children of parents who engage in relatively low levels of social interaction attain relatively low scores in reading, maths and vocabulary,” according to the study’s lead author Professor Sarah Brown.

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