Green is healthy and friendly, admits winner

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Dr Sulaiman Al Jassem (right), Vice-President of Zayed University, and Majid Al Mansoori, Secretary General of Environment Agency-Abu Dhabi, takes a tour after inaugurating the exhibition in Abu Dhabi.

Green is healthy and friendly, admits winner
By Dina El Shammaa, Staff Reporter GULF NEWS Published: January 08, 2008, 00:25

Abu Dhabi: A student who won a photo competition to highlight the importance of conserving the environment says staying green is staying healthy.

Thirty-eight students from different universities and higher education institutes participated in a three-day Environment Photography Competition known as “Environment & Development Integration Not Collision.”

Various artworks related to environmental problems in the UAE were on show. It was part of a college communication capstone project.

“We were impressed with the photograph entries submitted by the youth. They reflected a sense of environment and the need to safeguard it from rapid development in a very creative way. The photos bring to light an important reminder that our lifestyle affects the UAE environment on a daily basis. Nothing captures the imagination like a good photograph. It is one of the best ways to promote environmental awareness,” said Majid Al Mansouri, Secretary General, Environment Agency-Abu Dhabi (EAD).

Theme selection

The theme for the competition was selected by students from the College of Communication & Media Sciences to focus on the impact of adopting a new lifestyle and its effect on the UAE environment – such as daily construction and pollution.

The competition was in two categories; single photographs which allowed participants to submit one single photograph expressing the theme. This photo had to embody an important message describing the relationship between the environment and humans.

The second category involved a series of photographs which allowed participants to submit up to three photos to communicate a story. The series of conceptual and related photos should offer the viewer insight into the world where he/she should be able to better understand their environment.

The winners werehonoured at a ceremony jointly organised by Zayed University and the EAD on Sunday handing over

Prizes for the two categories were as follows: the single photo first prize of Dh12,000, second prize Dh6,000 and third prize Dh4,000. The series photos first prize of Dh12,000, second prize Dh6,000 and third prize Dh4,000.

Ahmad Al Marzouqi, UAE University, won first prize for the Single Category for his ‘We are friends -Palms and buildings’ photo.

“The whole idea of taking that picture was to encourage the country to stay green while developing new projects and buildings. Green is healthy and friendly,” said Al Marzouqi.

The student told Gulf News he plans to buy new components to enhance his photography hobby with the award. He presently uses a Canon 350D. His other hobbies are football and internet surfing.

Full time, part time, undergraduates and graduate students of all nationalities from different universities were encouraged to participate in the competition by submitting their artworks on line to and a team of five judges selected the winners.

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