Indians advised to look for jobs on mission visa

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Indians advised to look for jobs on mission visaBy Anwar Ahmad (Our staff reporter) KHALEEJ TIMES 4 January 2008

ABU DHABI — Job-seekers who wish to come to the UAE to look for employment opportunities can opt for a ‘Mission Visa’, instead of a visit visa, Talmiz Ahmad, the Indian ambassador to the UAE, said at a Press conference held on the embassy premises here yesterday.

The Mission Visa, he said, will be valid for three months, during which the job-seekers can scout for jobs, Ahmad said.

The new concept of Mission Visa (MV) is aimed at rooting out the menace of illegals, who come on visit visas, start working and stay back illegally.

The MV gives the visitor a chance to decide whether he/she wants to work here or not. It gives them a three-month legal residence status, and in this period, a person has the full freedom to look for employment of his/her choice.

The MV will cost Dh500 for three months, and can be renewed for another three months by paying a fee of Dh1,000. After the expiry of this extended three months, one has to pay Dh500 for every extra day of stay.

The MV has become available from the current month, the Indian envoy said. The UAE’s Minister of Labour, Dr Ali bin Abdullah Al Kaabi, had earlier asked ambassadors and charge d’affaires of different missions to spread the message of Mission Visa among their community members.

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