APJ Abdul Kalam launches his own epaper – Billion Beats

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Busy as ever even after leaving Rashtrapati Bhavan, India’s ”missile man” A P J Abdul Kalam donned the role of a ”media man” by launching a fortnightly e-paper Billion Beats to highlight the stories of India’s ”islands of success” and to establish knowledge connectivity.
Apparently frustrated over Indian media’s lack of focus in highlighting the country’s success stories, Kalam, along with his associates launched the e-paper on his website http://www.abdulkalam.com recently.

”We have the islands of success in every field of activity and we have to connect them to make a garland,” he said in his message to first edition of the e-paper being brought out by his associate V Ponraj.

Typical of Kalam, the idea to have his own media medium struck him while he was coming out of a television interview in New Delhi. As he drove out of the studios, Kalam vented his frustration to his associates saying, ”why are we not highlighting the success stories of achievers. Why are we not bringing unsung heroes to the forefront.”

”Why an overdose of politics, murder caste war why ”, Kalam was quoted as saying in the inaugural edition by M Anantha Krishnan, its National Affairs Editor, explaining the reasons that prompted the former President to launch the new initiative. Kalam also wants his new venture to establish ”knowledge connectivity” among people.

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