Why our kids run amok

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Why our kids run amok

Rup Narayan Das

Depression is fast emerging like a silent killer without any warning unlike physical ailments.

People argue that it is because of depression that some of us commit suicide or are alcoholic. But the root cause of such manifest symptoms goes deeper.

Society is passing through a crisis. We have ceased to be traditional without becoming modern.

Urbanisation and modernisation coupled with the mindless pursuit of career are not only robbing us of the finer sensitivities and qualities but also spoiling our peace and tranquility, our societal and familial harmony.

The symptoms of depression are all-pervasive and manifest in road-rage, street brawls, ill temper, intemperate language, lack of civility and delinquent behaviour.

The cushioning effects of the joint family is no more and there is unbridled materialism and consumerism fueled by easy loan and credit cards, enticed by advertisement which drives one to the deadly debt trap.

There is a mismatch between aspiration and ability to achieve, leading to frustration and depression.

Loneliness of children, particularly in cities, has affected their mental growth and emotional nourishment.

The old world bonhomie of the neighbourhood and interpersonal interaction have also disappeared. Psychological and clinical therapy alone cannot address such ailments Mental depression needs to be addressed spiritually and socially.

We must address the basic reasons of depression which are the flipsides of urbanisation and modernisation. The very premise of development through material prosperity alone needs to be questioned.

No wonder then that a small country like Bhutan has questioned the paradigm of development and coined the term ‘gross domestic happiness’ in place of gross domestic product as an index of development, honoured by the UN. Isn’t it time we had a spiritual and ethical foundation to our material prosperity?

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