Managing anger to cut out negativety

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Managing anger to cut out negativety
Harleen Kaur

“I will do what I want to do whether you like it or not.” Have you heard people talk like that without a care for anybody other than themselves?

Have you seen people get angry if things don’t happen their way? What follows is a lot of emotional turmoil for them and their family. We all like to have our way and in today’s world we actually demand it.

God forbid if things don’t happen the way we want them. Are we not experiencing a lot of road rage and rampant killings simply because we don’t have a grip over our anger. We just lose control!

My teacher grand master Choa Kok Sui (modern founder of Pranic Healing and Arhatic Yoga) says, “Anger is destructive.” So when someone is getting angry and you respond with anger, what you get back is only anger and more of it.

He says, “Some people sting a lot. Do not respond to their provocation, unless it is can be done incisively. The moment you react, you are psychologically entangled. This is exactly what they want. They want your attention. They want your energy. Do not respond. Keep your distance.”

Can you imagine not being angry if someone screams and shouts at you? Can you imagine just ignoring such a person or telling a person to calm down or simply walking away from such a situation?

He says, “Do not react or allow yourself to be sucked into a whirlpool of turmoil. Similar energies attract one another Gentleness will draw gentleness. Anger and hatred will only attract anger and hatred.” So what is our lesson from this? The only way to handle such people and situations is to forgive and forget.

Easier said than done but mindful daily practice can really inculcate the habit and give you amazing results. If you learn to forgive and forget you will be free! Free to be happy and peaceful. That is the only way. Otherwise, all of us will go on spreading negative energy and suffering because of it.

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