71 reckless motorists made to clean streets and schools

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71 reckless motorists made to clean streets and schools By Rayeesa Absal, Staff Reporter GULF NEWS Last updated: December 16, 2007, 22:53

Abu Dhabi: More than 70 motorists were booked for reckless driving and made to do community service as part of the new traffic rule implemented last Sunday.

According to the rule, any driver caught driving recklessly will have to spend two days doing community service and five days in prison with the confiscation of the vehicle for a month.

The driver will be made to clean the streets of the city for a day and clean a school for another, as per the rule implemented under the instructions of Lieutenant General Shaikh Saif Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Minister of Interior.

“Some 39 motorists have been caught driving dangerously in Abu Dhabi and 32 were caught in Al Ain over the last week. These motorists will remain in custody for a week. This includes two days of community service,” said Colonel Hamad Adil Al Shamsi, Director of the Abdu Dhabi Department of Traffic and Patrol Police, during a press conference yesterday.

“The rule will curb the menace of reckless driving and will make people think twice before performing dangerous stunts on the roads,” he said, adding that the rule will be implemented regardless of whether the motorists are male or female. Female drivers may be exempted from cleaning the streets and may be asked to clean schools for two days, he said. No female driver has been arrested so far.

The new rule has already brought in changes, the official said: “There is a marked decline in the number of violations with almost a 50 per cent reduction.”


“Most of the drivers who were arrested were youngsters. Twenty students were also arrested but they have been released temporarily to complete their college exams. Once their exams finish, they will be made go through the same punishment like other drivers,” he said.

The rule came in the wake of violations committed during National Day celebrations.

Offence: in the fast lane

Major Engineer Hussain Al Harthy, head of the Road Engineering and Traffic Management section of the Abu Dhabi Police Traffic Department, said the speed limit from Sas Al Nakhl to Shahama has been reduced to 100km/hr from 160km/hr.

He said if a motorist speeds up to 160km/hr a fine is issued. If the speed is between 160km/hr to 200km/hr the licence of the driver is taken away and he is asked to come to the traffic department. “In case the speed is above 200km/hr, the vehicle is confiscated,” said Al Harthy.

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