Five skills of creativity

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Five skills of creativity

The Smart Crow Never Goes Thirsty by Moid Siddiqui Wisdom Tree

Creativity is the input, and innovation, the output, says Moid Siddiqui in The Smart Crow Never Goes Thirsty ( “Creativity is non-linear, numberless, and follows no set pattern,” he describes.

It is a tragedy, says the author, that we don’t provide our people with the ‘creativity toolkit’ even as we expect them to be creative. He faults the education system that emphasises the so-called scientific approach.

“More damage is caused, and disservice to creativity is done, by urging students and managers ‘not to be vague’. What they don’t understand is that ‘reality’ is always ‘vague’ at its ends. We encourage our people to be precisely wrong than vaguely correct.”

Siddiqui lists the five skills of creativity, as follows:

Divergent thinking (to move from the focused to the blurred, for obtaining a wider range and a broader perspective).

Lateral thinking (by creating a forced relationship between remote objects, which seem to be unrelated, and thus forging a fusion).

Intuitive thinking (through which you can know the truth, though not know how you know).

Angel’s advocate (by focusing on the positive side of every idea).

Dissection of ideas (the application aspect of creativity to get something done).

The last skill requires the sieving of ideas for attractiveness and compatibility. The criteria of attractiveness include originality, simplicity, ease of implementation and copy protection. Aligning with company objectives and resource availability ensures compatibility.

An appetising guide to creativity!

D. Murali

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