The process of learning must continue

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The process of learning must continue

Mr Sreeram Iyer is the CEO of Scope International and CIO of Standard Chartered Bank, India. An MBA from the UK, he is also a Chartered Financial Analyst, Company Secretary and a qualified Cost and Management Accountant. Here’s his take on four questions from Business Line:

Two things that my education/ training taught me:

The process of learning must continue regardless of success achieved.

Try and share your learning with your team members.

Two things I learnt from my work/real life:

There is no substitute to delivery, execution and action.

Every individual brings new talent and capabilities. Identify those and maximise returns.

One quality I look for the most in a new recruit:

Right attitude — to change, learning and ethics.

A book that I read recently:
Plato and a Platypus — Understanding Philosophy through jokes, by Thomas Cathcart.

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