The real Judge’s judgement

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The real Judge’s judgement
lNNER VOICE/Nadia Ahmed/Hindustan Times September 10, 2007

Once upon a time there was this learned man named Ali Haji who was very religious. He used to offer Salat (namaz) five times a day and was also very regular in reciting the holy Qur’an daily.

His neighbour, man named Rehan, was his good friend but the only thing Ali Haji disliked about Rehan was that he was not regular in offering the Salat or reciting the holy Qur’an. Rehan used to offer Salat whenever he felt in need, and as soon as his wish was fulfilled he used to stop offering the Salat or reciting the holy Qur’an!

One day Ali Haji, who was very irritated, scolded Rehan thus: “Rehan, vou never offer Salat regularly and always say that since the Almighty fulfils your wishes whenever you ask Him, there’s no problem!”

Ali Haji then cursed him, “Take my word for it, you are not true to your religion and you will certainly go to Hell for this!”

That very night the Almighty appeared in Ali Haji’s dream and said “Ali Haji, who are you to judge who is true to Me and who is not? So what if Rehan offers Salat only when in need? For he calls Me from the bottom of his heart with true faith in Me. Now you will be placed in Hell and Rehan in Heaven.”

So now this simply shows that we are nobody to judge or object to anyone because of their faith or devotion towards their idea of God, be it a Hindu, Muslim, Christian, Sikh or anyone. What really matters is not the quantity of our worship of the Almighty but the quality. It may be good to make people offer regular prayers but we must not judge them by their ‘inabilities’ or ‘abilities.’
Especially when it comes to matters of faith, it’s not our business to judge the sincerity of a person’s relationship with God, who is One. After all it is not us but the Almighty who is the ultimate power who decides everything, especially who loves Him and how.

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