O God, I’m so sorry

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O God, I’m so sorry

K. Khuptongs / HINDUSTAN TIMES New Delhi, August 31, 2007

This year could be my luckiest year, passing out from university and enlarging my circle of friends like never before.

But this week I have committed such a big blunder unknowingly that I have to share my feelings with you in Inner Voice.

It is amazing how life exists outside education.

Recently, I happened to meet my childhood friend after ten years. From that day on we rebuilt our friendship steadily. We went out and enjoyed ourselves, we chatted and gossiped about our past school life.

I came to know that both her parents had passed away three years ago, which really touched me. Though such a sad thing had happened to her, she was still trying hard not to give in, giving all her effort to smile and enjoy life.

She promised me a gift from home for Raksha Bandhan day. I restlessly waited three days for the D-day. But I was surprised on Tuesday by her reaction. I argued about this and that most of the time but there was no sign of argument on her side. Instead she said she would treat me to dinner, overlooking my inability to treat.

So we had a heavenly dinner outside, really filled our stomachs and got back each to our place. I called her to thank her for the dinner. But she sounded a bit different on the phone, as if she was weeping. It was only then that she told me that it was her mom’s death anniversary.

O GOD. Had I known earlier, I would have reacted to show my care instead of joking and arguing. She really did try to act strong but obviously needed some friendly company, which is why she asked me to have dinner with her.

God, I am really sorry. I did not know. How could I know? How does one guess these things? I wish I had been nice to my friend when she was missing her mother. Please help me be kind always, for who knows what pain someone is hiding?

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