Identify your goal and follow instructions

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Identify your goal and follow instructions
13 Aug 2007, 0043 hrs IST,Satsang: SADHGURU JAGGI VASUDEV

Only a part of my mind is under my control, the rest of it is not. Tell me, how to control my mind? Now you’re driving a car, the drive, drive shaft and steering wheel are in the front wheel. So all you have control over are these two wheels, the rest of the car is actually not in your control. Still, they can take the car wherever you want.

When you’re driving, are you aware that there’s an explosion happening in the engine? An internal combustion engine means there’s an explosion happening. The pistons are moving, the crank shaft is moving, then the drive shaft is moving, then the wheels’ axial is moving, the wheels are moving, the other wheel is moving, and so on. You are not aware of all this.

When you’re driving, if you just take the steering wheel in your hands it goes where you want. The whole car goes. The same way, if you just take charge of your steering wheel, and steer it properly, everything else goes with it. If you try to take charge of all parts of the car, you will go crazy. If you try to take charge of all the bits and pieces of this car into your control when you’re driving, if you start thinking in terms of what could be happening with this part, that part, all these different parts of the car, you will go crazy.

So, you don’t have to take your whole mind into your control. You don’t even know how many parts in the car exist. You’re just controlling two wheels, everything else is following it. Similarly with your mind, your spiritual process, you don’t have to take grasp of everything. If you try to take every cell in your body, every atom in your body in one direction, you will go crazy.

When you approach the subjective dimensions of life intellectually, this is what happens, you’re trying to take charge of everything. That is not necessary. Just take the steering wheel in your hands, keep it steady and it will go where you want. It will not go anywhere else. So how much of your mind is in your control is not relevant. The right drop is in your hands, that’s enough, rest of it follows anyway.

If your intention is just reaching a certain destination, go by the instruction; if you also want to create a bigger possibility, then you have to know many things. If you want to manufacture a car, you have to understand many things, know all the parts. Driving a car, and manufacturing a car, they are two very different things. Are you looking for enlightenment or do you want to become a guru?

If you are just looking for enlightenment, you don’t bother about all these things. Just the way your driving instructor taught you how to drive. He may not be educated like you, he may not know anything that you know. Just take his instructions, steadily you get to drive.

Similarly, if you just want to go to a place you call as liberation, enlightenment or freedom, blissfulness, peacefulness; if you want to get there, just take a few driving lessons, that’s all. You don’t worry about all the complexities of creation.

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