15 Tips to help you succeed at whatever you wish.

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15 Tips to help you succeed at whatever you wish.

Tip 1 Ask for what you want.
How does the world know what to give you unless you put it out there? Ask for what you want and need. Let the world know what you want from it and look for it in return.

Tip 2 Be the person you want to be.
It’s call modeling. If you act like it, people will believe it. Assume the role you want others to see you in. Sell it from the inside out.

Tip 3 Believe in yourself.
If you don’t, no one will. People will follow; you just need to lead them. Forget worrying; concentrate on making things happen. Action and momentum are infectious.

Tip 4 Make a plan.
No one goes anywhere without a destination. Know your destination, and plot your journey. Take whatever pleasures you need on the way, but know that you are moving forward and will arrive at your destination.

Tip 5 Nervous = excited.
Realize that being nervous is the same as being excited. Instead of dreading it, welcome the surge of positive energy. Own it, and use it. It’s infectious in a good way!

Tip 6 Thinking about your failure brings your failure.
Concentrate on your success and watch it happen. Your mind will move in whatever direction you point it in. Make sure it’s pointed toward where you want to go and not where you don’t!

Tip 7 Feel whatever way you choose.
You control your feelings. You allow yourself to be upset, annoyed or frustrated. Only you control your feelings and no one else. Take back the power you give others and choose to feel strong, clear-minded and in control.

Tip 8 Communicate.
Listening and being understood are the keys to communication. People want to talk about themselves and they want to hear interesting things about you. No one wants to hear a sermon or hear a rant about your latest victory or great audition. Listen, observe and speak about mutually interesting subjects. Otherwise, you’re a bore.

Tip 9 Freak out.
Bad audition, interview or meeting? Take ten minutes to beat yourself up. Blame yourself, be annoyed and frustrated. Then, learn your lesson and move on. Now that all your anger is gone, put your energy into the lessons learned and move forward once again.

Tip 10 Speak your mind, NOW.
People swallow their feelings and anger, they postpone what they really want to say, thinking, “I’ll just wait till a good time.” DON’T! Handle the situation now, before the situation changes. Have a problem? Be a diplomat and talk about it. Handling a minor situation now will prevent it from becoming a festering chasm of misunderstanding and resentment later.

Tip 11 Dive in.
Someone make you feel inadequate? A situation makes you feel uneasy? In a room with a big shot and feeling small? Don’t overcompensate, navigate or fake your way through it, because you can’t. Dive in and address the problem. Address your feelings and say, “I’ve got to be honest, I’m a big fan and I’m feeling a little intimidated right now.” As soon as you own up to your feelings and the playing field is understood, you’re both able to move ahead. Everyone wants to deal with someone who’s truthful and honest, and not afraid to address their own insecurities.

Tip 12 Exploit yourself.
Find out what makes you different and exploit it. Each of you has a quality that makes you unique. Instead of trying to be what others are, exploit your uniqueness. It’s the one “ace” you have that no one else possesses.

Tip 13 Don’t accept the unacceptable.
Train people to treat you as you want to be treated. Being late is not acceptable, not returning calls is not acceptable and them not doing their job is not acceptable. Don’t accept these behaviors from people.

Tip 14 Walk a mile in someone else’s shoes.
Be someone else. Changing perspective is an amazing tip to see the world from another point of view. Assume a character and role and act it out for one day, then go out in the world as if it’s all new to you. You’ll be amazed at the new perspective you gain.

Tip 15 Say thank you.
Send an email from Hallmark, a card or a simple phone call. Don’t underestimate the value of someone feeling appreciated and recognized for their efforts. It leaves a lasting impression when someone thanks you for meeting or helping them.

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